Here are two respon…

Here are two responses to last week’s letter from a woman who had planned to get breast implants for many years, but as the operation approaches, she doesn’t know how, or even if, she should tell her family, friends or new boyfriend. Thanks for your letters on this topic.

Dear Dr. Date,
I would like to respond to Boobless in Territorial. I had four heart surgeries when I was a baby. The surgeries left one of my breasts severely deformed. When I was a freshman in college I had reconstructive surgery on that breast, which included a saline implant. Although I know that if I didn’t have the surgery, I would be very uncomfortable with myself, there are days that I regret the implant. First of all, I will always have it. I can’t just take it out and make it go away. It doesn’t feel normal to me, though my boyfriend can’t tell the difference. That breast has never quite regained feeling from the surgery, so it is constantly numb on the outside. However, every time my breasts swell during menstruation, the side with the implant aches, not just the breast, but that side of my back as well. I have very unsightly stretch marks all the way around the breast, too. The only time I have ever had anyone put me down because of my breast was before the surgery — not because I was deformed, but because the guy couldn’t handle the thought of the implant. I fear that because Boobless in Territorial has been saving money since she was a freshman in high school, she may not have noticed how she’s developed since then. There are a lot of men who like smaller-breasted women. I strongly, strongly urge Boobless not to go through with this surgery. It is not worth the pain, nor is it worth the regret.

Dear Dr. Date,
I figure I’d illuminate Boobless … and all other small-chested women here at the University of an interesting fact. Some men prefer small-chested women. I not only think small breasts are acceptable, I actually prefer them. More importantly, I’m not alone. One of the 15 people I talked to about this said he’d prefer that a woman’s breasts don’t take over her entire appearance. I’m of the belief that small breast are very feminine and graceful.
–Into Ittybittytitties