Robert Downey, Jr. fights Cosmodailytan over paper’s coke jokes

by Done Munson

Actor Robert Downey, Jr. has threatened to withhold the Cosmodailytan’s press credentials from the set of Fox’s legal comedy Ally McBeal until the teen rag pens a “more supportive” piece about his drug abuse and criminal record.
“I feel like they’re not supporting my lifestyle,” said Downey. “It’s one thing for People or US Magazine to take a shot at me. But Cosmodailytan? They’re supposed to be my friends. Who are they to criticize me?”
In last week’s Cosmodailytan column, writer Losh Jineham suggested that Downey, given his numerous run-ins with the law during the last two decades, take a year off from acting so he could get his life back together.
“It’s the same crap over and over,” wrote Jineham. “Whether it’s drugs, the rape charges in Madison, hitting girlfriends with phone books, parking in handicapped spots or conspiring to commit federal crimes, this pattern keeps repeating itself and all people get is a little bad publicity and a slap on the wrist. Something’s got to change because in a couple of years, it’ll happen again.
“This bullying is the first sign.”
Fox executives said Downey does not control press credentials and, despite his threat, has no authority over their distribution.
“Well, I should,” said Downey, responding to this fact. “After all, I bring in the bucks for this show.”
Authorities arrested Downey last week after receiving a tip about criminal activity in the Merv Griffin Hotel where the actor was staying. According to police reports, investigators found a “widespread” and “systematic” collection of various uppers, downers, cocaine, amphetamines and rubber cement in his room and took Downey into custody.
Appearing before Los Angeles District Court Judge Jimmy Friedenthal on Monday, Downey said “I’ve learned my lesson and want to move forward.”
“I know I said that last time. And the time before that. Oh, and there was that ’86 incident. But this time I really mean it. Can I please go now?”
The judge apparently believed Downey and sentenced him to four years probation. Under California law, the actor, a multiple offender, could have received the death penalty.
The woman who tipped off police about Downey’s behavior said she was a friend of the actor and concerned about his actions.

The woman has since been fired from her job and indicted on federal charges.

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