Top 5 things that we picked of the week

by Tom Horgen

Here are the top five ways to spot a “backpacker” (a pretentious underground hip-hop fan).

1. Backpacks
They wear backpacks. All the time. To shows. To the record shop. All the time.

2. Elitist ramblings
They don’t listen to anything more mainstream than Jurassic 5 (even though mainstream acts such as Outkast make better music than anybody in the underground).

3. Inept historical knowledge
When you ask them about hip-hop legends Rakim or Kool G Rap, they say, “Who?”

4. B.S.
They can’t understand what Aesop Rock is saying, but he’s still the best.

5. Star worship
They can remember word-for-word the brief conversation they had with Slug on the corner of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue.