Campus connector in alleged hit-and-run

A tow truck driver reported being sideswiped by the bus Thursday.

by David Litin

A University of Minnesota Campus Connector was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run with a tow truck Thursday morning, according to a University police report.

The truck was blocking part of the lane on Pleasant Street Southeast to tow illegally parked mopeds, the report said. As the driver of the Connector tried to maneuver past, a witness told police the side of the bus hit the driver’s side of the truck.

The Connector’s driver said he wasn’t aware he hit the truck, according to University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner.

Miner said about two Campus Connector accidents happen per year.

“That’s not too common,” he said.

The tow truck’s front tire was damaged, and white paint was scraped onto its front bumper and tire, the police report said, and the passenger side of the Connector was also damaged.

The tow truck company, Wrecker Services, declined to comment, and University Parking and Transportation Services was not available Monday afternoon.

No charges have been filed.

University student’s apartment burglarized

A University student woke when he heard a burglar outside the window of his Marcy-Holmes house Thursday morning, according to a Minneapolis police report.

Sophomore Nicholas Weitz said he saw the suspect run away when he looked out the first floor window.

He later realized his cellphone and wallet were missing after the man left.

The police report said Weitz’s bedroom window was partially open.

Police have recorded 63 burglaries in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood from January to July this year.

Multiple iPhones stolen from rec sports fields

Four iPhones were stolen from University recreational sports fields last Tuesday, according to a University police report.

Political science freshman Dane Falline said he was playing Frisbee at the fields when he saw the suspect standing nearby and went to talk with him.

“He was pretty quiet,” Falline said.

Falline said he went back to the field and saw the suspect walking away with a backpack on.

Cameras covering the area caught the incident on tape and found a second suspect, the police report said.

Miner said thefts of Apple products are “very common” around the University, but UMPD can usually locate them using “Find My iPhone” and similar applications.

“We’ve had several successes thanks to that app,” Miner said.

However, all four phones were off and couldn’t be located, he said.