Murkowski proposes climate regulation delay

by Siri Simons

The EPA declared in December that greenhouse gases endanger human health and public welfare. These findings do not create greenhouse gas standards but rather provide the impetus to stringently regulate pollutants contributing the most to global climate change. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has proposed the Murkowski Amendment in response to the EPAâÄôs recent findings. She would freeze funding put toward regulating carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources for one year. The Murkowski Amendment would be devastating to the steps the Obama administration has taken to slow human-caused climate change. After almost a decade of delay and denial by President George W. Bush, Obama is now doing what the Clean Air Act calls for and what the Supreme Court ordered in 2007. Some communities, including many in MurkowskiâÄôs home state of Alaska, are already experiencing the effects of climate change and simply cannot afford to wait any longer for us to act. The coal industry and its allies in Congress are working endlessly to stop progress toward building the clean energy economy. They are already holding up Congress from passing new clean energy and climate legislation, and now they are attempting to hinder the Clean Air Act, one of the most important environmental laws. Instead of looking for ways to delay action, Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken should finalize comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation as soon as possible.