No arrests made in murder case near U

by Anna Weggel

Police have not arrested or filed charges against any possible suspects in connection with the murder of Edward Rajual Howard Reynolds.

Reynolds, 25, was shot multiple times Saturday night near the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Several witnesses and police said suspected gunmen fled the scene immediately after the altercation.

Reynolds died Sunday morning in the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman Ron Reier said Wednesday he is optimistic that the alleged perpetrators will be apprehended, placed in custody, charged and hopefully convicted in the near future.

“You will hear some results sooner rather than later,” Reier said.

He would not comment on how many suspects police are searching for.

Reier said the shooting was not a random act, and University students do not need to worry about a similar crime reoccurring.

Police are still interviewing witnesses in connection with the murder, Reier said, partly because it occurred where many people saw the incident.

“We had a lot of people to interview,” he said. “It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.”

Reier said any possible information from the public greatly affects what police investigate.

“Good police work we credit to the public,” he said.

University Village resident, sophomore Noah Seligman, a former employee of The Minnesota Daily, said he hasn’t noticed more security or police around since the incident.

“It signifies the bigger problem of law enforcement,” he said. “They need more money to crack down on terrorism and on crime at the local level.”

Seligman said he’s not sure what to expect at this point, but doesn’t think incidents such as this occur very often.

University Village resident, junior Sri Hassan, said it was scary to learn of the shooting.

“I was surprised to hear that something like that happened so close,” Hassan said. “I thought the ‘UV’ was a safe place because it is near campus.”

Political science sophomore Channing Beumer, also a University Village resident, said she’s not worried about more violence in the area.

“I am not concerned about safety,” Beumer said. “I don’t hang around people who carry guns.”

Police urge anyone with information on the case to contact Minneapolis police.

– Lacey Crisp and Branden Peterson contributed to this report.