Dance to the music

Gophers gymnasts discuss their floor routine music

by Brad Bobel

When the music starts for the women’s gymnastics floor routines, it’s hard not to groove along and feel the tune’s energy.

Though the routines’ songs can’t words in them due to competition regulations, they are usually dance tracks or come from movie soundtracks.

Some gymnasts use their offseason to find their music and sometimes come upon it by accident.

“I was looking for floor music in the summer … and I heard a lot of cool [pieces] after I watched ‘Divergent,’ so I investigated and found the music that I have now,” junior Lindsay Mable said.

Because films are full of non-vocal pieces, their songs are used often for floor pieces. All genres of moves are considered, especially suspense ones.

“Mine is from ‘Hansel and Gretel,’ which is kind of scary,” senior Jenny Covers said. “I had a selection of 10-12 songs, and [this one] just really got me excited.”

Though the team can’t use well-known songs or vocals in its routines, the gymnasts’ choices oftentimes reflect their
personalities and routine types.

“Some people prefer dance-y and really soft music, and others like the more sharp and powerful music,” sophomore
Rachel Haines said.

But no matter the type of music used, the gymnasts said their choices help them perform better.

Why did you choose the floor music that you did?

“I chose it because it’s a different style than what I had at club. … It’s more upbeat music. My club always had slow Mexican music. At Minnesota, it’s music that I can have fun with,” freshman Ciara Gardner said.

“I need something that pumps me up, and gets me going because I’m about to die on the floor routine. I picked something that kind of makes me want to give it my all, be aggressive,” sophomore Rachel Haines said.

“If I was in the crowd and I heard my song, I would be pumped, and be like, ‘Who’s floor music is that?’ I remember thinking, ‘That’s the music I want,’” senior Jenny Covers said.

“I just kind of heard a lot of cool pieces from [the movie ‘Divergent’], and so then I investigated and found the music that I have now. I love the combination of powerful and enjoyable music. … When I hear it, it brings joy to me,” junior Lindsay Mable said.