Franken: Judges could consider up to 430 ballots

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) âÄî Democrat Al Franken is suggesting judges could review more absentee ballots in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race. Franken filed a spreadsheet Tuesday listing 430 rejected absentee ballots that he presented to a three-judge panel during a seven-week trial. That includes the 252 his lawyers said should be counted in closing arguments last week. The absentee ballots are a central issue in the race, where Franken leads Republican Norm Coleman by 225 votes after a statewide recount. Coleman has given the court a list of 1,360 rejected absentee ballots that he thinks should be counted. In his own filing Tuesday, Coleman restated his case for the judges to take a generous view in deciding on absentees to make up for counties applying unequal standards. Coleman also again asked the court to overturn a canvassing board decision to use the Election Day count from a Minneapolis precinct where ballots went missing, and to revoke some votes that may have been double-counted due to mishandling of damaged ballots. The panel began deliberating Friday, and was expected to take at least several days before issuing any orders in the case.