Multitasking: not worth it

by Roxie Hudak, Daily reader

Thank you John Grimley for talking about the negative sides of multitasking in your Jan. 24, column, âÄúOne thing at a time may be better for your mind.âÄù Many years ago, my sister bragged, âÄúI can out-multitask anyone!âÄù I did not commend her on this âÄútalent.âÄù
IâÄôve always thought it could be somewhat dangerous âÄî texting while driving comes to mind âÄî and at the least, unnatural, to overdo multitasking
The studies that Grimley cites justified my natural instincts. Yes, things get done poorly when we try to do everything at once.
My recent irritation has been employees absorbed in their cell phones when they should be making eye contact with me as a customer. Perhaps their phone addiction trumps their multitasking addiction.