Students bewildered by

by Emily Dalnodar

What began as a routine day turned into a tale of bewilderment and total disbelief for two University students Friday.
Jon Redman and Adam Meyler did their usual wake-and-bake Friday morning before classes. They put their bag of weed on the coffee table, but soon discovered it was missing.
“This totally sucks,” Redman said. He described the situation as critical due to cash flow and recent problems with connections.
The two University seniors share an apartment and said smoking pot before school is something they’ve enjoyed for years. A mainstay in the students’ lives, the perpetual morning ritual helps relieve stress and boredom.
But after Meyler’s first class, he discovered the plastic “bag of love” missing from its usual place.
“OK, I came home like usual, right? I went to grab my sack, and then, whoa … you know?” Meyler said, expressing frustration. “The bag was gone. It was pretty messed up.”
Meyler then waited for Redman to return. After questioning him about the sack’s whereabouts, the two searched the apartment. Realizing their efforts were useless, they gave up.
Friends who have keys to the apartment denied the theft. One, who refused to be identified, said he would never swipe another man’s gold, adding that he was offended about the accusations.
“It makes me so mad,” Redman said. “I wanted to call the cops or something, but I can’t really do that. I feel so helpless.”
The roommates said their problem is unique because they cannot turn to local authorities for assistance. Officials from University and Minneapolis police departments said they won’t file reports on missing weed.
Both students have smoked pot since high school, and neither has gone without weed for more than a couple days. They worry now about what might happen without their soul food.
Redman said the one time he stopped smoking for three days, he became clear and focused. He said he didn’t like it and wouldn’t wish the experience on his worst enemy.
Some close friends have stepped in, however, and started a collection to help out during rough times. People are donating nugs and scraping bowls to provide sustenance until Redman and Meyler get back on their feet.
Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The roommates plan to pay everyone back when the next fat sack from Humbolt County comes through. They are already planning fund-raising activities.
“I can put in more hours at Dominos,” Meyler said. “I guess that’d be cool.”
Redman said he will find a job to help raise cash. He said he could be a salesman or something along those lines.
“I’ll sell anything,” Redman said. “I’m silly like that.”