Canadian teen arrested for Heartbleed hack

by Taylor Nachtigal

A 19-year-old Canadian man was arrested for allegedly using the Heartbleed Internet bug to hack the country’s tax agency, according to CNN.

Canada’s Revenue Agency was infiltrated and around 900 Social Insurance numbers were stolen, the Canadian Mounted Police reported, according to the WashingtonTimes.

Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes was arrested Wednesday and now faces two possible counts of computer-related crimes, according to CNN.

The CRA website was forced to temporarily shut down and the country’s deadline to file taxes was pushed backed from April 30 to May 5, due to the breach, the Washington Times reported.

Solis-Reyes now faces up to ten years in prison, if found guilty, according to the Washington Times.

Heartbleed, the complex Internet bug, which emerged just last week, has been causing confusion and panic for Internet users.

The bug basically allows hackers to access protected information, all without a trace, according to Reuters