Buggs trial begins; jury selection next week

The trial of Louis Cardona Buggs, the man charged with the murder of University student Kami Talley, started Wednesday with preliminary motions from both the prosecuting and defense attorneys.
The motions will establish two important things — the legitimacy of witnesses and admissibility of evidence. Attorneys will present other motions throughout the next two days.
Prosecuting attorney Judith Hawley said the preliminary motions are standard for this type of trial. Hawley also said the judge might not rule on these motions until Friday.
Jury selection for the trial is scheduled to begin Monday, and Hawley said she anticipates the process to take one day. Both attorneys will begin their arguments following jury selection.
Talley was killed at her workplace in Northeast Minneapolis last February. Buggs, her estranged boyfriend at the time, is charged with her murder. The couple, who had a preschool-age daughter, had a history of domestic abuse.
Buggs was found by federal officials at a relative’s house in Alexandria, Va. last April after a two-month search. He was extradited to Minnesota where he has awaited trial.
If found guilty of first degree murder, Buggs could face life in prison, without the possibility of parole.
— Jim Martyka