Don’t blame President Obama for high gas prices

by Lee Samelson — Daily reader

There have been many disturbing false flag accusations on the recent increase in gasoline prices as somehow the fault of President Barack Obama. Accusations claim Obama is in cahoots with some cadre of environmental extremists and supposedly obstructing American domestic oil drilling.

If the finger-pointing game absolutely has to be played, it is the Republicans fault for stubbornly refusing multiple times to raise fuel economy standards for the entire 12-year period they were in charge of the House of Representatives. As a consequence, U.S. gasoline demand rose much higher than it should be now, and the automakers had to be bailed out.

For example, just six months after 9/11 — which should have been a wake-up call for oil dependency — then-Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott used a scare tactic. Lott held up a large picture of a tiny purple Smart MCC car saying, “I don’t want every American to have to drive this car.” He was deceitfully framing the argument as if it was technologically impossible to manufacture a far more fuel-efficient SUV or pickup truck.

For all citizens concerned about our future, please stand strong in exposing the GOP’s culpability before their political operatives can succeed in using upscale environmentalists as scapegoats.

Because the U.S. is 42 years past its Hubbert’s peak in oil extraction, it is unfeasible to return to cheap gasoline by drilling on every last piece of remote land and coastline.