BHS makes headway on mental health

Boynton has made great strides in its mental health offerings, but there’s still work to be done.

What a change a year makes.

Boynton Health Service was lobbying for more student services fees money last spring to improve mental health services. Students rallied behind Boynton when the request wasn’t fully met and spoke out against long wait times and understaffing in mental health treatment.

University students entrusted Boynton with nearly $290,000 in fees money, and the service has delivered. Boynton opened a new clinic, added staff, launched new programs and — as it announced last week — eliminated waitlists.

This is a great example of the University acting decisively and responding to student needs. It’s important to note that Boynton made good on students’ investment by expanding simple, preventative mental health treatments instead of just focusing on its clinics.

Through peer counseling, therapy animals and text message resources, Boynton has ensured that more students benefit from its services while working to avert mental health issues before they start.

We’re pleased with that approach and hope Boynton continues to meet the growing demand for mental health services where problems start. Next, Boynton should research and address the causes of increased demand without deterring students from seeking treatment.

Adding more resources is great, but it could become unsustainable if demand continues to rise. It’s clear that Boynton knows this, and we support their continued work.