Griffin campaign helps real people with real problems

As a staffer for the Grassroots for Griffin campaign, IâÄôd like to respond to Christopher MeyerâÄôs column âÄúGrassroots for Griffin campaign lacks substance,âÄù which was published in the Jan. 30 Minnesota Daily.

In order to fully engage and empower the various demographics in a local election, it becomes difficult to simply just sell yourself and your ideas. There needs to be a constant dialogue between the various communities and the public officials in the University of Minnesota area in order for us to tackle the specific issues that affect students, new Americans and homeowners in a very real way.

ThatâÄôs why the campaign has had various âÄúlistening sessionsâÄù and other events over the last six months. The sessions have been tailored towards finding the issues that mattered most to the people in this district and tailoringGriffinâÄôs policy proposals to those concerns.

Meyer mentioned that the three main issues âÄî marriage equality, rising tuition and new Americans âÄî werenâÄôt fresh and bold ideas, but he doesnâÄôt realize that those are the three main issues that people in the district have been voicing to us since we started this campaign.

Meyer also didnâÄôt seem to grasp the notion that if we respect the accomplished career of Rep. Kahn and simply engage the communities around this district then they should be able to see the differences themselves and make an informed decision. He also seems to disparage the work Griffin has done in organizing and engaging the University community for years. Meyer fails to realize that having the skills to converse with their community allows legislators to have policy proposals that are a direct result from a constant dialogue with their constituents and the issues that affect them the most.

This campaign isnâÄôt about âÄúGriffin vs. Kahn.âÄù ItâÄôs about giving a louder voice to people across this district who havenâÄôt had a chance to speak.