Photos of the Week: 1/24 – 1/28

by Jules Ameel

Photo By: Mark Vancleave Assistant Manager Dana Kabitzki takes a cigarette break in from of the Harvard Market Saturday in Stadium Village. Kabitzke, a University graduate, has worked at Harvard Market for six years. Story By: Jennifer Bissell Harvard Market closes after 106 years Audio Slide Show Here The headframe stands above the Soudan Underground Laboratory at the Soudan Underground Mine State Park. Physicists use the “Cage” to travel half a mile down to the underground research laboratory. Photos By: Anthony Kwan Senior Engineer of Soudan Underground Lab James Beaty talks on the phone with his colleague in the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) cleanroom. The CDMS searches for “Dark Matter” that astronomers believe constitutes most of the matter in the universe. Story By: Frank Bi Scanning for universe’s dark matter, 2,341 feet deep Photo By: Simon Guerra Sophomore Nyoka Giles competes in the women’s 60 meter race on Saturday at the UMN Fieldhouse. Story By: Derek Wetmore Gophers win titles aplenty at Jack Johnson Classic Photo By: Mark Vancleave Minneapolis Police officers search the parking lot in front of the Brian Coyle Center where two men were shot Monday night in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Story By: Jessica Van Berkel, Luke Feuerherm Two shot in Cedar-Riverside Photo By: Joe Michaud-Scorza Wally Sakallah calculates costs of purchasing pipes from a local glass blower at the Hideaway head shop in Dinkytown, one of four stores he owns around campus. Story By: Jennifer Bissell Man About Dinkytown