Upset motorist vents; dog nabs burglar

by Sarah McKenzie

A disgruntled Dinkytown resident allegedly pointed a gun at a tow truck driver Sunday afternoon, according to police reports.
Minneapolis police arrested Mary Kvern, 30, for making terroristic threats to the tow truck driver. The report states she was seeking revenge after her car was towed earlier in the week.
Kvern’s boyfriend, Christopher Valenty, 33, was also arrested Sunday for giving false information to the police as to Kvern’s whereabouts.
Kvern and Valenty were still in police custody at Hennepin County Jail on Tuesday evening. They are not affiliated with the University.
Thomas Chubb, 49, a tow truck driver from Maple Grove, said he had stopped at an intersection near Eighth Avenue Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast when Kvern yelled at him from another car.
“She asked if I had towed her car the other day and I said no,” Chubb said.
Despite Chubb’s response, he said Kvern threatened him, pointing a black handgun straight at him.
According to the police report, when Kvern aimed the gun at Chubb, she said, “This is for towing my car.”
Chubb sped away from Kvern and immediately called the police. He said he did not press charges, but wants Kvern to learn a lesson.
Visibly shaken by the incident, Chubb said he plans to avoid taking jobs to tow cars in Dinkytown from now on.
“People are crazy over there,” Chubb said. He said he usually works in the area twice a month, but will do everything he can to bypass calls from southeast Minneapolis.
Kvern had no prior record of threatening other individuals in Hennepin County.

In other police news:
ù Minneapolis police caught a 17-year-old burglar shortly after the man broke into a house in Dinkytown Sunday evening.
Police found the burglar at a nearby apartment with the help of a trained dog.
The burglar’s name was not released because he is a juvenile.
Merilee Klemp, 45, said she returned home with her son around 9 p.m. when she found the burglar in her kitchen. She described the suspect as a young, black male with a medium build.
“I screamed and he took off,” Klemp said. She called police and said four officers arrived in minutes.
A police dog led officers to the burglar at an apartment building in the area. When police found the burglar in one of the apartments, they also arrested Tyrone Moss, 28, for aiding the suspect as he fled the scene.
Moss has an extensive criminal record in Hennepin County dating back to 1991. His offenses include assault, possessing stolen property and disorderly conduct.
“The police were really on top of their game,” Klemp said. “They were primed, especially in light of recent burglaries in the area.”
Lt. Carol Serafin, in charge of property crimes for the Minneapolis police, said the suspect has not been implicated in the other 38 burglaries that have struck businesses and churches around campus since early December.
The thief made off with an oboe and the instrument’s tool kit, two cellular phones, a VCR, foreign currency and coins, silverware, CD-ROMs and three remote controls.
Klemp said the burglar dropped some of the silverware in her yard when he ran away. Police recovered some of the family’s possessions but are currently treating them as evidence, she said.
The burglar and Moss were in police custody at Hennepin County Jail Tuesday.

ù Minneapolis police responded to a report of a stabbing in front of Fairview-University Medical Center at 500 Cedar Ave. S. early Sunday morning, according to a police report.
Curly Horton, 54, was allegedly assaulted outside the hospital at 2 a.m. by three attackers, the report states.
No suspects have been identified in the stabbing.
Horton is being treated at Fairview-University Medical Center. Hospital officials declined to release information about Horton’s condition Tuesday at the family’s request.
Ryan Davenport, media relations coordinator for the medical center, said he did not know anything about Sunday’s assault.
If something happens on the hospital’s campus, security guards are almost always aware of it, Davenport said.