Sex tape glory not worth hype

Consider the consequences before you push record on your own burlesque video.

by Paige Vigil

Each person walking the streets of Minneapolis has a different set of interests, yet I am positive I know one thing that would interest most all of them âÄî sex. Sex is something we become enamored with at a young age. We are curious about the opposite (or sometimes the same) sex in elementary school, take sex education in middle school and most of us start experimenting in high school, so by the time college sneaks up, weâÄôre experts. While experimenting with a partner (or two) is a good way to keep things spicy, sex, like most things, can get taken too far. Many celebrities have either become famous or propelled themselves back into the spotlight by flaunting their sexuality in a very public manner. What do Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Dustin Diamond (Screech) all have in common? They all have sex tapes. With Hollywood glorifying the making of sex tapes, it would only be natural for some of society to mimic that very act. Making a sex tape with someone can be fun, but it can have serious consequences. A sex tape should never be made, even with someone you love and trust. Take it from Carrie Prejean, former Miss California USA. Carrie has undergone heaps of scrutiny from the media and the gay community after saying during a Miss USA Pageant that marriage should be kept between a man and woman. According to The Huffington Post, Carrie admitted to a sex tape, telling Sean Hannity that it was âÄúthe worst mistake of my life.âÄù Technically, the tape was a masturbation video Carrie made in her teens for her then-boyfriend and never dreamed it would get leaked. Carrie was hoping to sue her former bosses from the Miss California Corporation for religious discrimination, but her sex tape surfaced during the settlement, and she was ultimately blackmailed into dropping charges. The Miss California Corporation let CarrieâÄôs past, which included the sex tape, dictate her future. While most sex tapes are made between two consenting parties, sometimes sex tapes are made without permission. Let that be a warning to some of you searching for the perfect one-night stand. You may want to check the bedroom for any blinking red lights (indicating a video or digital camera) before stripping. Forty-three-year-old Deryck Reid currently faces prison time for taking pictures of his naked roommate without her consent in Quincy, Mass. Were there others? Making a sex tape can seem like an adventurous suggestion to shake up the sheets, and it is. Watching yourself in the nude, performing one of the most scandalous, private acts would be a thrill. And itâÄôs easy. The only equipment needed is you, your lover, a set and the video recorder. In fact, this year, published a whole list of tips dedicated toward making a sex tape. Making the tape would give the private act a false sense of publicity, but letâÄôs face it, you donâÄôt really want that publicity. Though you may think you are resistant to a sex-tape scandal because you are not planning on a career in the entertainment industry, think again. There are many people who would quickly purchase that tape from your current or previous lover in order to post it to a pornography Web site or use it for their own, well âĦ purposes. While you may think the tape has been produced for the sole purpose of the enticement of you and your partner, you canâÄôt deny that unexpected things happen. You two could have a bitter breakup, one thing could lead to another and the next thing you know the whole world, including your dad, has seen your âÄúO-face.âÄù A bad breakup is only one of the many, many scenarios that could lead to the leaking of a sex tape. Other implications that may not even cross your mind in the heat of the moment come into play as well. Think about all the noises that are emitted during sex, and IâÄôm not talking about the âÄúooosâÄù and the âÄúahhhhs.âÄù Sex noises can not only sound nasty but can be downright embarrassing. Ladies, I think there is one word that would surely deter most of us from making a sex tape: âÄúqueef,âÄù also known as vaginal flatulence. The noises arenâÄôt the only surprises that can sneak up as unexpected surprises in a raunchy video. The image that you have of yourself as a sex god/goddess getting frisky may not be the exact image that you see on the television screen. Every fat roll, shake and jiggle would be glorified in the horrific aftermath that you would see. There are other more long-term consequences of making the sex tape, as well. Of course, there is the obvious terror, which is the fact that your risqué home video could end up in the hands of the closet pervert or aspiring pornography entrepreneur. However, the reality is that even if you erase the tape, throw it away, burn it or jump on it, the memory will still be embedded into your head. The creation of that memory is up to you, and if these risks are not enough to deter you from taping, take a peek at the November issue of Cosmopolitan, which compiles a whole list of consequences that sex tapes can and do bring with them. While many of you may feel discouraged because your mischievous bedroom itch still hasnâÄôt been scratched, there is an alternative: mirrors. Hang one above your bed or on the ceiling; this will allow you to have the short-term thrill a sex tape may give, without the long-term consequences. Spicy in the bedroom does not have to mean scalding. In the end, it may be best to try keeping a little mystery for your future partner(s) and yourself by keeping the video recorder out of the bedroom. Some fantasies âÄî sex tapes included âÄî might be better left in our minds than on cassette. 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