Obama supporters outeating the opposition in food polls

by Karlee Weinmann

Politics has found a place in the kitchen. Across the country, bakers and chefs have put their own spin on the eats they serve to gauge public support for presidential candidates – all in good taste, of course. The Star Tribune reports on Cynthia Daube , whose bakery sales of cookies topped with Barack Obama’s likeness are outselling their John McCain-faced counterparts 51 percent to 43 percent. The same type of cookie poll correctly predicted incumbent President Bush would win the 2004 election. I was particularly intrigued since this appears to be a sort of cult cooking trend, a creative and undoubtedly delicious way to get people thinking about politics. Last weekend on a trip to Washington, D.C., I went to the aptly named Good Stuff Eatery (a venture of Chef Spike, former contender on the Bravo network’s “Top Chef” reality show). There, a duel exists between Obama Burgers and McCain Burgers – each dressed with different condiments. Notable ingredients include bleu cheese for Obama’s (nice play on the Dems’ color of choice, Spike) and chipotle mayonnaise, featured on McCain’s burger (maybe mavericks like their mayo with a little kick?). The results so far of the presidential provisions polls are clear: As of last weekend at Good Stuff, the Obama Burger maintained a lead, similar in margin to Daube’s survey. We’ll see what happens come Nov. 4. In the meantime, keep eating that candidate cuisine, America. Karlee Weinmann Projects Reporter