U takes second loss, Boone goes out-state

Adam Boone strolled into the auditorium of Minnetonka High School on Wednesday afternoon sporting a white cap with a teal NC on the front.
The heavily recruited point guard wasn’t there to announce his plan to attend Minnesota.
After thanking family, friends, coaches and teachers, Boone made his decision known.
“I’m very excited and proud to officially announce that I have committed to attend the University of North Carolina on a basketball scholarship,” Boone said with a smile from ear to ear.
Boone cited many reasons for why he chose North Carolina over his other four choices, which included Minnesota.
He said he felt comfortable with the players, coaches and the environment that North Carolina offers.
Although the allegations at Minnesota might have had an impact on Boone’s decision, he said his decision was made before yesterday’s sanctions were handed down.
“It was far from a main factor for me,” Boone said. “In my eyes I don’t think you can disregard a school simply because of some past problems. I think they will be moving through those and over those. I don’t think that played a huge part in my decision.”
Boone said it was tough to turn down a school in his home state and leave his family, but his parents were very supportive of his decision — how do you turn down North Carolina?
“They went on my visit. They saw everything I saw,” Boone said. “I think any time you make a major decision like this, you need some outside help.”
John Hedstrom, the boys’ basketball coach at Minnetonka, said Boone won’t have a tough time making the adjustment from high school to college.
“He is such a solid and responsible student, it will make the basketball transition easier,” Hedstrom said.
“We are talking about a young man who is truly a student-athlete. He is not a person who is going to go there just because it’s North Carolina basketball.”
Next year, Boone will step onto a campus with as much basketball history as any in the country. And that tradition is what impressed Boone.
“When you talk about North Carolina, you have to talk about the Michael Jordans, the Vince Carters, the James Worthys, the Antawn Jamisons,” Boone said.
Although only a senior in high school, Boone addressed his future. Surprisingly, he didn’t mention the NBA once.
He said when he arrives in Chapel Hill next year, he plans to major in business, with a focus on fulfilling his pre-medical requirements.
“Hopefully, God willing, I will become an orthopedic surgeon in some side of the athletic world,” Boone said.
Hedstrom believes deep down Boone has aspirations of playing in the NBA, and he thinks Boone has the skills both physically and mentally.
“To say ‘I want to try and make the NBA and be an orthopedic surgeon’ are two lofty goals,” Hedstrom said. “But I wouldn’t bet against him.”
It’s three weeks before the season starts, but Minnesota coach Dan Monson just suffered his second loss as coach of the Gophers.

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