Civil suits filed over RNC police tactics

Lawsuits were filed against St. Paul, Minneapolis and the St. Paul Police Department

Several plaintiffs filed suit Thursday against the city of St. Paul and its police department for alleged misconduct during the Republican National Convention . The suits, at least one of which is seeking damages of $1 million, contain claims ranging from police brutality and unlawful withholding of information to intrusion and invasion of privacy. Attorney Ted Dooley is representing several plaintiffs and said multiple class-action suits will also be filed. A suit on behalf of members of the Glass Bead Collective , an independent media outlet which had members detained and property held by police shortly before the September convention, will be filed against the city of Minneapolis. The collective members were arrested in Minneapolis. Key information about the chain-of-command structure of law enforcement during the RNC could come during questioning at the civil proceedings, Dooley said. âÄúAs it shakes down, I really do think there will be federal groups involved in this,âÄù he said. âÄîKarlee Weinmann is a senior staff reporter.