Coaches, not stadiums, make winning teams

by Mark

The decision to move the home football games to the Metrodome and tear down the University’s “on-campus” Memorial Stadium can be rehashed forever.
The fact of the matter is that the University has a marvelous aquatic center where Memorial Stadium used to be and does not have $75 million to build a new stadium.
The public mood surrounding efforts to build similar facilities is evident now as the other Metrodome tenants, the Twins and Vikings, discuss their future.
Men’s athletics has, as its top priority, to build a competitive team that can be successful and draw students and other fans to the Metrodome.
We have invested in a first-rate group of coaches to accomplish that goal.
I think I speak for newly hired football Coach Glenn Mason, his staff and everyone in the men’s athletic department, in saying we can and will win and produce an exciting football team using the Dome as our home.
Mark Dienhart is the director of the Department of Men’s Intercollegiate Athletics.