Everyone should be able to cycle

A bicycling club encourages all to bike by promoting diversity.

The Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota is devoted to encouraging cycling among African-American residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Through group rides, races for different causes and a bike donation program, the club’s members hope to address inequalities in their communities and a lack of diversity in the Twin Cities bicycling scene.

All of Minnesota should agree that breaking down barriers to get people cycling is an important step to take. We feel that the University of Minnesota is a safe space to make some progress on that issue. We already see a collage of backgrounds among campus cyclists. However, we can all do more to encourage all types of people on campus to choose biking as one of their transportation and recreation options.

The University has some of the best cycling infrastructure in the nation, helping Minneapolis consistently rank among the most bike-friendly cities in the United States. Amenities like extensive cycling lanes, bike parking and several bike shops are available to everyone on campus. Additionally, easy-to-use bike programs abound: Nice Ride offers bike sharing, and the University’s Zap program rewards bikers with prizes.

These benefits for campus cyclists make cycling a worthwhile option for anyone who would like to participate. We encourage all students, staff and faculty to give cycling a try, no matter where you come from or who you are.