MN United leader goes national

by Cody Nelson

The man behind Minnesota's legalization of same-sex marriage will now lead similar efforts around the country.

Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Minnesotans United For All Families, announced Tuesday he will take a job leading state campaigns throughout the U.S. for New York-based Freedom to Marry.

Under Carlbom's leadership, Minnesotans United was the main advocacy group working to defeat the proposed amendment banning same-sex marriage last fall. Then in May, the group's efforts helped make same-sex marriage legal in the state effective August 1.

“Richard’s wealth of experience and expertise will enable Freedom to Marry to continue to lead and accelerate the work required to win marriage nationwide,” said Marc Solomon, Freedom to Marry’s national campaign director said in a statement. “The groundbreaking campaign Richard led in Minnesota was a model of strategy, drive, and mobilization – exactly what we’ll need to win the next waves of states.”

Freedom to Marry hopes to legalize same-sex marriage in at least 10 states by 2016, with Carlbom leading the way.