Trendy Uptown area provides convenience

by Sarah Brownson

Uptown is one of the few places in Minneapolis where you can find University students, professionals and punk rockers all living in the same apartment building.
The area is diverse and attracts those from all walks of life to come together and form a unique community.
Uptown is an area made up of multiple neighborhoods in South Minneapolis.
According to the Uptown business association, the area stretches from Dupont Avenue to Lake Calhoun and Lake and 28th streets, although more of the surrounding area tends to be included.
The hub is the intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, which is about a 10-minute trip to the University by bus or car.
The rent rates in Uptown are fairly comparable to the rest of Minneapolis, according to Apartment Search.
One-bedroom apartments in Uptown go for around $640. Two-bedrooms are about $870, which is about $50 cheaper than the Minneapolis average. The biggest difference can be seen with three-bedroom apartments, where rates tend to run about $800 more than the rest of Minneapolis.
Just like the rest of Minneapolis, rent is ever increasing in Uptown. Doris Leonard, who has owned a duplex in the area for 50 years, said rising costs will force her to raise the rent for the first time in ten years.
Even though apartment buildings dominate the area, “many tenants like the area and stay,” Leonard said.
Having a car isn’t necessary in Uptown — everything is within walking distance.
In fact, parking spaces are premium in the densely populated area. Most buildings that have parking lots can only accommodate a few cars.
Buses are a key form of transportation, said University student Cecilia Sheen.
The area is on the city’s 52 route that goes straight to the University during the summer months, Sheen pointed out. There are also many buses passing through that go downtown or out to the suburbs.
Safety is an important issue when finding the right place to live. Uptown resident Amy Williams said she feels safe in the area, even at night.
The exact location makes a difference, some areas being better than others. Only sporadic cases of larceny and burglary have been reported recently in the area.
Nearby Lake Calhoun has special walking and bike paths that travel around the perimeter of the lake. The lake is often used for other activities such as swimming, sailing, canoeing, windsurfing and much more. From Lake Calhoun other lakes that form the “chain of lakes” in Minneapolis are easily accessible.
Uptown is a shopping mecca with over 200 retail stores, many boasting unique items that wouldn’t be found anywhere else. The area also has many restaurants, coffee shops and movie theaters to enhance the entertainment experience.
Trendiness attracts many more people to the area. “It makes it harder for people who live in the area to frequent those bars and restaurants,” said Bill Margolis, a local resident.
The area is also home to the annual Uptown Art Fair, usually held over a weekend in August. The art fair draws in large crowds of artists and others from the Twin Cities and even from across the nation.
“(Uptown) has all the flavor of the city, just in a nicer package,” Williams said.

— This article originally appeared in the July 24 edition of the Daily.