And now for something completely different. After another quarter of covering and untangling the affairs of the University, the Daily turns to the top item on current student agendas: spring break. This “choose-your-own-campus-adventure” puts you, the reader, in an epic struggle with the dark and mysterious forces hidden in the corners and crevices of the University.
To successfully complete this journey you will need both pluck and luck. Remember — if you meet a ghastly end, you can always try again. Like the University, this issue tries to be user-friendly.
So read on and enjoy this special issue. This adventure is brought to you by the Daily newsroom; all text is fictional; photos are digitally manipulated illustrations. Any resemblances to actual persons and events are coincidental.
Throughout the text you may notice references to area businesses. These are among this year’s Daily “best of” Grapevine award winners, who are profiled in detail in the center of this issue. After all, there are times when you need cunning to survive, and there are times when all you really need is a good sandwich.
To begin your journey, continue reading this page. Are you ready for adventure?