Three Word Reviews

Because we are moderately concise.

>The chemistry between Lisa and Ray on “Sister Sister” – Not buying it

“Mamma Mia!” – Me, like Abba?

Accidentally buying the “Black Kids” LP twice – Not worth it

New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS – Thumbs are sore

How to win this season of “Project Runway” – Quick, hyper homo-fy!

Lindsay Lohan suddenly a lesbian – Publicity stunt Ö probably

Substituting body wash for shampoo – Where’s the volume?

The preview for “The Watchmen” – Batman, watch out

The premier of “The Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Season Three – Tears of laughter

The combination of the words Amy Winehouse and hospital in a sentence – Almost too predictable

The morphing picture of a brain that accompanies the Wikipedia page for “Epilepsy” –Terrifying Ö but hypnotizing