A theft at TCF Bank Stadium

by Garrett Beier, University student

I wish that I could say, “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,” but I can’t, because I am most definitely both. It recently came to my attention that the University of Minnesota is receiving $300,000 from the Vikings for each game the team plays at TCF Bank Stadium. The Board of Regents and the administrative bureaucrats at the University in their infinite wisdom thought that much of the extra money should go to the athletics department. This is not surprising, since they don’t have to worry about the annoying $12.50 stadium fee that is a part of the University’s undergraduate tuition. 

Is it too far of a stretch to think that the money generated in a stadium that is still being paid for on the backs of students might be used to lessen that load? I am frustrated with the common-sense answers to problems hiding on the edges of their noses, eluding them. So to the Board of Regents and the administrative bureaucrats, I say this — I don’t want excuses; I want solutions when it comes to lowering my overall bill at the University.