Support Rybak

For several weeks, debates on budgets and stimulus funding have been juvenile at best. The best opponents to the stimulus package could come up with was nonexistent funding for Speaker Nancy PelosiâÄôs pet gay rat and the billions of aid for ACORN to steal another election. The worst they came up with was threatening to deprive their constituents of stimulus money to make a political point. University of Minnesota students should be thankful that our mayor has taken the high ground. Mayor Rybak has decided to get to work to deal with the situation given him by the governor instead of name calling and political posturing. The Minnesota Daily ran an excellent article on the mayorâÄôs success in compensating for a $30 million cut in state aid to the city. Rybak was able to do this while maintaining a strong police force responsible for massive reductions in crime in neighborhoods near the University. This recent success is only the latest in RybakâÄôs long list of accomplishments as mayor of Minneapolis. Students should support Rybak in the upcoming DFL city caucuses on Tuesday March 3. You can find your caucus location by going to Adam Hennings University student