Fake ID law passed

A law went into effect Tuesday that will increase the liability of anyone using false identification to illegally purchase alcohol or tobacco.
The law also applies to anyone allowing others to illegally use their identification.
Minors who use false IDs and others who allow minors to use their identification can have their license suspended for 90 days.
Juvenile courts may require anyone under 18 who is found guilty of using false identification to purchase alcohol or tobacco to pay a fine of up to $100 and participate in a drug-awareness program.
According to the law, juvenile courts will not impose restrictions upon the child “in a manner which would cause an undue hardship.”
Penalties are not applicable to minors who purchase tobacco when requested by adults for training, education, research or enforcement purposes.
Also under the provisions of the law, anyone found guilty of a first offense of illegally selling or providing liquor or tobacco to underage recipients can face up to 90 days in jail or up to $700 in fines.
Subsequent offenses become gross misdemeanors, carrying a maximum fine of $3,000.
Licensed retailers and municipal liquor stores are allowed to confiscate suspected false identification cards. They must turn in the identification to law enforcement agencies within 24 hours.

— Tess Langfus