Social host enforcement a stab in the dark

Martha Mackmiller

The social host ordinance has three major flaws. First, adults who are of legal drinking age are held responsible for the choices of other adults who arenâÄôt of age. Second, a misdemeanor offense looks terrible on your record and will come up in background checks. Having to explain this to future employers could hurt your chances of employment because of someone elseâÄôs actions. The city officials didnâÄôt take this into consideration when deciding what level the offense would be. Other examples of misdemeanors include evading the police or assaulting an officer. Hosting a party should not have the same level of severity. Police have been unclear about who exactly will be blamed should a party or gathering fall within the framework of a social host violation. I guess they will just have to close their eyes and point at someone to figure out who is at fault. Martha Mackmiller University undergraduate student