Spring Music Preview

Sneak peeks at standout albums to be released in the next weeks.

Condo F–ks ALBUM: âÄúF–kbookâÄù LABEL: Matador Records RELEASE: March 10 Technically, we canâÄôt print the name of their new album, and we canâÄôt really print the bandâÄôs name, either. I guess that âÄúf–k-you, record labelâÄù attitude of the Condo F–ks makes them instantly cool and badass, even though their album title, âÄúF–kbook,âÄù might be taking the bad manners a little too far. The three from Connecticut, under the pseudonyms Georgia Condo, Kid Condo and James McNew , tear up tons of cover songs, like The LittersâÄô âÄúWhatâÄôcha Gonna Do About It?âÄù in a dirty, sloppy, messy garage rock âÄònâÄô roll as though the Stooges hung out with the Zombies , maybe pulled a Ramone or a Replacement in for a cameo and made this very lo-fi âÄî but totally sexy âÄî bad-boy of a record. Oh, and the coolest thing about Condo F–ks? TheyâÄôre Yo La Tengo ; Condo F–ks is a side project they perform under once in a while. Yo La Tengo released a bevy of material back in the âÄô90s under the guise of the Condo F–ks, but everything seems to be cast out from the catalogs of musical history. So treat âÄúF–kbookâÄù âÄî itself an homage to a Yo La Tengo covers record, âÄúFakebo okâÄù âÄî like a rock nom de plume. ARTIST: Anni Rossi ALBUM: âÄúRockwellâÄù LABEL: 4AD RELEASE: March 10 Oh, cool. Anni Rossi is from Minnesota. And sheâÄôs a female singer-songwriter. Seems to be a shortage of those here, right? Oh, wait, thereâÄôs a whole bunch of Minnesota chick singers? Okay, Anni, join the lineup: Aby Wolf, Caroline Smith, the list goes on. But Anni, who now works out of Chicago, can add herself to the list. Her debut single, âÄúEcology,âÄù weaves together her exceptional musicianship (sheâÄôs been classically trained since age three) and a warbly vocal over some very 1970s lounge-rock keyboard work. AnniâÄôs voice is a doppelganger for the chick from the Cardigans: sweet, clear and ultra-feminine. Over her bouncy, poppy keyboard, her voice would sound perfectly at home on, say, Love 105. In addition to keyboard wizardry, Anni plays viola on âÄúWheelpusherâÄù quite impressively. SheâÄôll be at the Cedar Cultural Center on March 5 and also takes the stage at SXSW toward the end of that month. ARTIST: 1990s ALBUM: âÄúKicksâÄù LABEL: Rough Trade RELEASE: March 24 The first thing one sees when chancing upon the 1990s Myspace page is a bunch of female legs in some awesome hosiery. That means one of a couple things: a) that 1990s have a legwear fetish, b) that they sing mostly about chicks, or c) all of the above. And 1990s do it in a traditional rock âÄònâÄô roll manner: loudly, roughly, but with a big soft scarlet heart at the center of all that punky posing. âÄúThe Box,âÄù their first single, struts like T. Rex as fronted by David Lee Roth moonlighting as a punk rock frontman, heavy on guitars and slurry on vocals. It poses and purrs glam-rock style, like the New York Dolls, and itâÄôs dirty, like, yâÄôknow, English rockers are âÄòsposed to be.