Appeal filed by Jimmy Williams’ attorneys

A complaint by Williams against the University and Joel Maturi was denied in March.

by Andrew Cummins

Attorneys for Jimmy Williams, the former Gophers assistant basketball coach, filed an appeal on Friday in the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

The filing came in response to the trial court’s dismissal of the case in March, in which Richard Hunegs, Williams’ attorney, said the court erred.

Williams originally filed a complaint in October, alleging that the University and Maturi offered him an assistant men’s basketball coaching job, but then denied the offer.

“We feel that (Hennepin County District Court Judge Regina Chu) was in error in dismissing all the claims,” Hunegs said. “We had an ample basis for her to allow the case to go to trial.”

Judge Chu found no basis in her reasoning for all the claims filed against the University and Athletics Director Joel Maturi. Claims dismissed include those of defamation against Williams by the University.

The University’s Office of the General Counsel was aware of the pending appeal, and received notice Monday.

Prosecutors will raise seven issues on appeal, including questions surrounding Maturi’s involvement with Williams’ right to due process, according to the appeal.

The next step is for prosecutors to file briefs, with the defense then filing responses, which shouldn’t take more than about three or four months, Hunegs said.

“I can’t imagine that we won’t be arguing this case within six months,” he said.