Theta Chi registers more than 20 men for fraternity

The goal is to have the chapter reinstalled at the University during 2013.

by Samantha Alisankus

The Theta Chi Fraternity expansion team held its first organizational meeting on campus on Sunday, during which it registered more than 20 men.

The fraternity is in the process of re-establishing a chapter at the University of Minnesota after leaving campus in 1999.

The Theta Chi International Fraternity is also in the midst of expansion efforts throughout the Big Ten, including the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the University of Nebraska, according to a previous Minnesota Daily article.

More than 20 men signed on to become members and potential brothers of the returning fraternity at the Sunday meeting, said Joe Macko, a leadership and education consultant for Theta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters and one of the on-campus expansion team leaders. He said this is a significant increase in comparison to Theta Chi’s last expansion effort in 2005, which yielded interest from only half as many men.

At the meeting, the group held nominations for executive board positions such as president, vice president and treasurer. This Sunday, the expansion team will host elections for these positions.

After the elections, Macko said, the group will send in paperwork to Theta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters to gain recognition as a colony and the group will also have the opportunity to register as a student group at the University.

Once the colony applications are completed, Macko said he plans for the group to begin attending regular Interfraternity Council meetings to become familiar with both the IFC’s system and other chapters on campus.

“We want to create good relationships between the other fraternities,” said Macko.

Macko’s goal is to have the chapter installed by either the spring or fall of 2013. In order to do that, the chapter must recruit an additional 30 members to reach the 50 member minimum required for chapter recognition.