Adderall a dangerous drug

by Nicky Hass

I believe the only people who should take Adderall are those with ADD or ADHD. I know three people who are severely addicted to Adderall, and the sad thing is that they donâÄôt even need it to do well in school or work. In the past, I have seen them do well and succeed without using the drug. I think Adderall is a sorry excuse for those who cannot manage their time well. I work my butt off in order to earn decent grades, and I have been offered Adderall several times. I have never tried it, nor do I ever plan on trying it because I feel it is unfair for those who actually work hard and manage their time well. Adderall changes my friendsâÄô personalities. They are different people when taking the drug, and I have been hurt by their rude and hasty persona. A red flag is raised when a drug negatively impacts your close friendships. For those who do have ADD or ADHD and have a legitimate prescription for Adderall: DonâÄôt sell your friends the drugs. You are only putting them at a disadvantage because they might soon become dependent and suffer severe and negative side effects. Nicky Hass University undergraduate student