Sub union’s tactics subpar

Workers fired from Jimmy John’s went too far.

by Daily Editorial Board

It all started with a handful of protests in September. Jimmy JohnâÄôs Gourmet Sandwiches workers began picketing for more than minimum wage and opted to unionize. This board supports those efforts, however we feel that recent actions have crossed a line and detracted from what should be real progress.

Quarrels over sick days led to the firings of seven central members of the Jimmy JohnâÄôs Workers Union last week. They say the reason is because they were demanding paid sick days and technically, thatâÄôs true.

Our issue is with the hundreds of posters that were dispersed that claim customers are at risk of food-borne illness since workers are forced to be on the clock when sick. This makes things more complex.

The fired workers claim they are protected since the National Labor Relations Act explicitly bars employers from firing workers for attempting to organize a union. However, defaming the brand in such a direct way complicates things and has backed franchise owners Rob and Mike Mulligan of MikLin Enterprises into a corner.

Previously, the owners agreed to abide by the NLRA, but unfortunately itâÄôs now clear why they let these workers go: ItâÄôs just good business.

The fact of the matter is that the public has been by and large on the workersâÄô side. Their zeal to unionize and expose inequities from upper management was a cause embattled college students could cheer on. Now, itâÄôs a mismanaged mess.

The Mulligans should absolutely make the working environment more reasonable for their employees. At the same time those seeking better working conditions should think things through. As the movement charges on, we want to remind Jimmy JohnâÄôs workers that weâÄôre behind them. The disgusting posters are unnecessary.