Buses are better

The column “Professors, buses make back-to-school blues,” (Sept. 25) portrayed mass transit, particularly Metro Transit bus service, as an unreliable service, necessary only for those who are not lucky enough to commute by car. While the column was simply a soft-spoken, non-political piece, Molly Kentala’s column does a disservice to our community, all the while perpetuating the many inaccurate myths of buses. I consider myself one who pro-actively rides transit for its many personal and community-wide positive qualities.

Rather than spew unnecessary noxious fumes daily in a single occupancy vehicle (SOV), buses and bus riders are a necessary service for those crazy enough to believe in compact, mixed use, walkable, high quality of life communities, devoid of excess stress, pollution, and concrete necessary to accommodate those rich and lucky enough to daily SOV commute. Lastly, Kentala was way off the mark with her critique that bus riding might “add an extra hour” and the bus schedules can be “quite unpredictable.” Bus riding saves me time from 46th and Aldrich and I have yet to wait over three extra minutes.