Daily Forum

The recent diplomatic blundering involving Saddam Hussein is quite disappointing. Kofi Annan and Co. once again proved that the U.N. does not have the backbone to deal with a tyrant of Hussein’s nature. This latest incident proves, regardless of the president’s comments, that the world is quite flexible and content with playing the cat and mouse game that has dominated Iraqi relations for the past eight years.
The closest we have come to resolution came in 1991 when General Schwarzkopf pleaded with then-President George Bush to end Hussein and his regime. Worried about political disapproval of potential military overkill, Bush decided against further military action. Fast-forward to 1998 and little has changed. Iraq says no to inspections, United States sends military, Iraq blinks, repeat.
It is unfortunate that blood needs to be spilled to settle this ongoing conflict, but the diplomats have proven incapable of solving this problem. It is past time for Saddam Hussein’s contract with life to be nullified.
Adam Peterman,junior, College of Liberal Arts

I just wanted to thank Sara Hurley for her column on Iraq and the Daily as a whole for its coverage of Iraq and the situation that is going on there. I fear too often that students here might not care to listen to another perspective especially regarding a foreign matter, if the person speaking or writing carries the name “Muhammad” or “Fatima” or “Aisha” but that they will tend to listen if the perspective comes from someone detached from the situation. In Hurley’s column, “…when the United States and Great Britain strike Iraq, it’s the average Iraqi citizen who will suffer, if not die. All the while, they’re just trying to do what we are — get by.” I hope and think that you wrote in a way that will deliver the message.
Muhammad Elrashidi,senior,College of Biological Sciences, member,Muslim Student Association