Music on the mall

Northrop’s summer concert series turns 50!

by Keri Carlson

As Minnesotans, we pay a price to live here. Not so much in rent (especially compared to other cities), but with our sanity. Every winter we test our nerves with cabin fever and frost-bitten appendages. Because of this, we truly value summer and take full advantage of the freedom that comes with shedding 10 layers of clothing.

This year, Northrop celebrates 50 years of helping to make the Twin Cities the best place to be in the summertime. Their summer concert series is exactly what summer should be about: free music, soft grass and the smell of cooking bratwursts.

From now until July, 25, concerts will take place at lunchtime outside on the Northrop Plaza. On July 7, there will be a special evening performance by Vusi Mahlasela. Mahlasela is known as the “Voice of South Africa” for his powerful vocal chords that reflect the cries of the anti-apartheid movement. The other performances range from jazz to Cambodian to bluegrass, along with many other styles from all corners of the globe.

June 14 will be the official celebration for five decades worth of summer concerts. So cash in your winter karma points and enjoy free ice cream.