Days left, presidential campaigns hit Minnesota, Wisconsin

by Jessica Lee

Once called a “safe” state for President Barack Obama, Minnesota shows a narrowing margin between presidential candidates— gaining the attention from both campaigns.

Minnesota Public Radio reported Republican candidate Mitt Romney is “seriously considering a stop in Minnesota before Election Day.”

 “For the first time… it looks like the presidential campaign has finally come to Minnesota,” according to a Minnesota Post article.

Last Friday, the candidates announced they would begin running television advertisements in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

“It makes sense,” Democratic strategist David Heller said Wednesday in a Fox News article. “It’s not a resource allocation issue. If you have the money to do everything you need to do in those battleground states, why wouldn’t you? There’s no downside.”

Obama and Romney had to re-schedule many of their campaign stops this week, including Wisconsin, because of Superstorm Sandy.

However, the president spoke at the Austin Straubel International Airport by Green Bay Thursday morning and Vice President Joe Biden is set to visit a middle school in Superior, WI on Friday.

“Biden's visit to Superior, WI is another "two-fer" since Duluth, MN media market will cover the event,” tweeted Tom Scheck, a Minnesota Public Radio reporter.

The Star Tribune reported Sunday that Romney trails Obama by only a 3-point lead in Minnesota, a significant change from Obama’s 8-point advantage just last month.

“The Obama campaign can downplay the poll results all they want, but sending their top surrogate, Bill Clinton, to Minnesota…tells us that they believe it’s real, as well,” said state GOP executive director Ben Zierke in a Minnesota Post article.

Former president Bill Clinton held rallies in Minneapolis and Duluth on Tuesday; the same day Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan made an appearance at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

“Between Clinton, Biden in Superior WI & ad buys, Obama camp clearly taking MN seriously,” tweeted David Henry, a Minnesota Post reporter.  “Question is whether Romney goes on offense.”

Romney has a Friday morning rally planned at State Fair Park in West Allis, WI.