Abortion stance cost Democrats election

I was disappointed by your editorial “Republicans must remember the moderates” of Nov. 8. While I am by no means a supporter of the Republican Party, your article is an unfair representation of the election results.

You claim that the Republican swing was mainly due to a desire in America to create tougher homeland security but at the end of the editorial, you claim that the electorate did not vote Republican for other issues such as the environment, homosexual civil rights and abortion laws. You cannot substantiate such a claim. Moreover, the Republican Party nationwide attracts many people who disagree with the Democratic Party on just those issues.

Once again, I do not support the Republican Party, but your warning to them is little more than Democratic partisan propaganda and very unbecoming. While I shudder at the thought of the Republicans ruining America’s natural areas and their big-money propaganda, I must disagree with you on the Roe v. Wade decision.

We must expect President George W. Bush’s administration to try everything to get that decision overturned. For any American who acknowledges the scientific fact (not a religious belief) that human embryos live at the moment of conception, the idea of a woman’s right to abort another human life simply because it interferes with her own desires must seem barbarous.

I heartily hope that success in protecting incipient human life will be one of the few blessings the Bush administration can bring. Considering that the anti-abortion versus abortion rights topic is considered a litmus test in many Christian homes, it may well be that the Democratic stance on this topic cost them the election.

Michel van der Hoek, graduate student, German, Scandinavian and Dutch