Students want new auditorium

by October 13,

President Lotus D. Coffman, who is chairman ex-officio of all Auditorium Stadium campaign activities, and Governor J. A. Preus, chief executive of the state of Minnesota came out last night with strong, enthusiastic statements endorsing the student-faculty campaign, now being organized.
“The most important thing in the history of the University of Minnesota,” said “Prexy.”
“Just as much a part of the necessary equipment of a university as are classrooms, libraries and dormitories,” said Governor Preus.
President Coffman gave out his statement as he left for Burlington, Ia., and Galesburg, Ill., to attend educational gatherings, after which he will go to Indianapolis on Saturday to watch his Minnesota football team do battle with the Hoosiers.
Statements Issued
The statements in which the leaders in two phases of the state’s life endorsed the student movement and its gathering momentum were as follows:
By Dr. Lotus D. Coffman:
“The campaign for a stadium and auditorium is easily the most important thing in the history of the University of Minnesota, because it gives opportunity for the student body and faculty to put in permanent form a memorial to the men who made the great sacrifice in war and to President Northrop for his years of devoted service. It is important also because it gives opportunity for expressing in concrete form of their loyalty and affection for the University.
“Hundreds of men and women, and devoted loyal sons and daughters of the University have for years been building up an inheritance that every student and every person conducted with the University enjoys and profits by. One ought to give not merely because the old Armory built when there were probably not more than 2,500 students, is hopelessly inadequate as a meeting place, not merely because the wooden seats no longer serve a public that wished to and ought to be permitted to see the games, but because the great spirit of an institution — that pervasive something that gives it individuality, can thus be embodied in a visible and artistic symbol.”
Students campaign
They may be from distant lands and of different races, but captains for the coming stadium auditorium drive found them responsive.
Dave Scharma, Eleanor Cedarstron, Sam Goldman, Roy Wilkens, and C.E. Maglaya have been appointed by Marvin Orec, division commander, to lead squads of five workers each. In this group is a negro, a Filipino, a Jew, a German and a Swede.