Sororities vie for spot on campus

The U has not formally added a new sorority for more than 30 years.

by Kelsey Shirriff


The University of Minnesota is formally bringing a new sorority to campus for the first time in decades — but the chapter has to beat out other contenders first.

This weekend national chapters Phi Mu, Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta will present to a committee reasons each should be the one chosen to come to the University.

Overflowing chapters, connecting to alumni and recent University support for participating in greek life contributed to the decision to add a new sorority, said Matt Levine, program director for the Office for Fraternity and Sorority life.

“It’s a huge deal,” he said. “It is the most exciting thing that they’ve been able to do on the sorority side in a long time. It’s going to bring a ton of energy to our community.”