Several health services available at Boynton

by Josh Linehan

In the busy, back-to-school world of dorms, grades, classes and jobs, many students overlook their health.
Some students simply forget their medical checkups. Others might not know how to set up a flu shot or where to go for help with clinical depression.
Help for all these problems and more are available at the University, some of them for free or at a reduced cost to students.

Flu shots
A flu shot might not help with 8 a.m. lectures, blizzards or a monotone professor, but it might prevent that persistent, hacking cough teamed with an upset stomach.
Boynton Health Service, located south of Washington Avenue Southeast on Church Street, offers flu shots to students through a series of special clinics. No appointments are necessary, and the shots are free to students enrolled with six or more credits because student services fees pay for the shots.

Pap smears
Although gynecological cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women today, early diagnosis through an annual Pap smear can save lives.
Developed in the 1940s, Pap smears have been credited with reducing cervical cancer by more than 70 percent.
Like flu shots, Pap smears are free for students with six or more credits.

Patching things up
Boynton also offers free nicotine patches to help students battle their smoking addictions.
Last year’s fall and spring shipments of patches were snatched up by U Card-carrying University-ites almost as soon as they hit the shelves.
Each six-week supply of patches is valued at $150 in regular stores.

Here to help
Besides free shots, Pap smears and nicotine patches, Boynton Health Service offers a huge variety of services for the University. The best thing is that, for the most part, it’s free. The student services fees that every student pays as part of University tuition covers many of the center’s services.
So, before thinking that there is nowhere to turn, call Boynton at (612)625-8400 and see if they can help out for free.

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