Emily-Colin best for MSA, campus

While all tickets have the positive points, Emily-Colin balances issues and leadership.

Elections for the Minnesota Student Association president and vice president will be Wednesday and Thursday. Five tickets are running for a chance to lead MSA next year. Each ticket has ideas the community should consider.

Denzer-Garcia has good ideas on transportation and campus safety. But the candidates’ lack of MSA experience brings their ability to effect change into question, considering it is hard enough for those already comfortable with how MSA works.

While Rubens-Katy and Meyer-Newman both have innovative goals, they lack comprehensive platforms. Rubens-Katy’s idea of including college board presidents to diversify MSA and create a more representative organization would be a welcome change. Meyer-Newman correctly sees problems with the fees process and an arguably excessive MSA budget. The candidates suggest a neutral check-off system for the fees process and would seek to cut MSA’s operating costs.

MSA’s budget could use a review, and, while we don’t agree on a neutral check-off system, the fees process needs reforming. Meyer-Newman also supports having MSA organize social events before sporting contests. This is a great way for MSA to reach out to students. Whoever wins should look into it.

Pierce-White has the most MSA experience and has good ideas on changing the student fees process and creating a student supreme court. But we question Amy Jo Pierce’s ability to lead. Her demeanor in the debates was combative. MSA has enough in-fighting without its president setting such a tone. Also, she was on the victorious Zearley-Pierce ticket last year, which was later disciplined for campaign violations.

Emily-Colin gets our vote because it has good ideas in many areas, including lower tuition, safe and affordable housing, and commuting. Most important on the ticket’s list is lowering tuition.

This is difficult for MSA to effect and would require a grassroots approach. This is where Emily Serafy Cox’s and Colin Schwensohn’s approach and backgrounds come in. Grassroots is the best way to describe their campaign and vision. Also, both have prior experience with grassroots organizations. If MSA can create an organized student body to lobby for our common interests, this would be a huge contribution to campus life.

But the biggest issue is voter turnout. A strong MSA is good for students but requires student participation. There is no excuse for not voting. So, get to the polls, or go online and vote.