Insurance for smokers

I agree with Andy PostâÄôs Wednesday column, insofar as an outdoor smoking ban lacks common sense, but his conclusion that smokers can or should be denied health care or insurance on the grounds that it costs nonsmokers money is ridiculous. ItâÄôs just another boogeyman that the anti-smoking lobby trots out when they want to sound like their contempt for smoking and demonization of smokers is somehow rationally justified, rather than an infringement upon smokersâÄô liberties. I wonâÄôt elaborate too much, since the problems with this logic should be apparent. But I will offer a few examples: What about people who overeat, or eat junk food, or fail to exercise or participate in risky behavior? For that matter, what about people who donâÄôt wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Should we deny them insurance, too? After all, these people are more likely to get sick often or develop a chronic illness. Their choice of behaviors and lifestyle will cost me money. I say take away insurance for the obese, promiscuous and unhygienic as well. The anti-smoking lobby would have you believe smoking is some kind of special case, but itâÄôs not. The logic is exactly the same. I hope Post doesnâÄôt kiss too many different people or bite his nails. If so, he owes me some money. Becky Palapala University student