Dan “Savage Love” Savage to Come Hither

by Sarah Harper

Don't worry about all your girl/boy/other problems – straight-shooting advice columnist and bully-hater Dan Savage is on his way. He'll be saving the day on the night of Friday, June 22 at the Pantages Theater.

That's a while away. We're telling you now because the tickets go on sale this Friday. If you want to hear the nation's authority on your "monogamish" desires deliver a lecture about topics like the Minnesotan drama re: constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, get in that virtual line.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. They are $44. If you want to meet the main Man Savage himself, you'll have to cough up about a hundred bucks. For all the boring details, see the Hennepin Theatre Trust's website.

For now, start scraping together your pennies and thinking up all the love questions you can. Because Dan Savage is comin' to town, and that means it's time to get randy/introspective.