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.I have a response in regards to NinjaBurgerEmployee138‘s message Monday. I know he thinks that nobody probably noticed, but he totally ripped off (aka plagerized) a “wayyy cool” website without citation. It’s “” and it’s all about ninjas. He’ll just be way lucky if a REAL ninja doesn’t flip out and kill him. Net: Now, y’all do recall that NBE138 did, in fact, include a reference to the name of that site in his post, don’tchya? Anyway, although I love ninjas I’m going to have to go with you Net. Kick Ass the Death Pirate totally has my vote, because plagerizing Wuss-Ninja will totally get speared by the pirate’s peg leg, and way awesome hook-hand. Or maybe he’ll just be nice and make him walk the plank, because we all know that that ninjas can’t swim for crap. Net: Can they swim through guar gum?

P.S. Pirates are neither from IT nor Wisconsin. Net: Arrrgh!

From The Throbbing Brain

Since there is apparently much debate, and it fits with the current political season: I propose a mascot election. In this election students can send in their vote to you network where a running total will be kept on top of your column until Nov. 2nd upon which a winner will be named and Ö well lets be honest nothing will happen. So send in those votes for:

Goldy Gopher (Incumbent)

Captain Kickass the Death Pirate

The Unknown Ninja

Net: Hmm, this could get messy for our inbox.

From elpha

That “realultimatepower” ripoff aside, I think that there is a debate that needs some debating. who is the greatest? ninjas OR pirates OR robots. This is a question that has preplexed humanity from the begining of time. Net: Well put. Clearly, robots are cool because they are made of metal and are unstopable killing machines, but ninjas are also badass, what with the brutal killings and stopping time and running on water and balancing on tree branches. When the cards are down, who can deny the power of awesome wielded by pirates? who else can pull of the goofy bandana and still look tough enough to make me NUTT my pants? oh.. and i heard that homecoming was this weekned, i guess i slept through it, did i miss anything important? hugs and kisses Net! Net: Homecoming? Let’s see: We found out that the Wrasslin’ coach’s first name is really “Juliette”; Bruininks caught the winning pass in the football game and the classics department was abolished because, let’s face it: Who really cares about Aramaic?

From Death Pirate Fan

Hey Net, I have to say that the idea of a death pirate as a mascot rocks. It made my whole day when I read goldyisawuss‘s entry because I laughed at that name for, like, two minutes straight at the bus stop ’cause the name is really long you know? Instead of “Goldy” it’s all, “Captain Kickass the Death Pirate.” Now that is insanely cool. Plus our mascot could carry a blackpowder pistol around and shoot things. Or other mascots! Net: Captain Kickass will be armed with a blunderbuss. Stupid gopher, what kind of shooting can it do? “Ooh, our mascot will give you rabies!” say the gopher fans. Woo-hoo. So as to the question of ninja versus pirate, while I admit ninjas are extremely cool, I’m all about the pirate. Pirates say things like “arrrgh” while ninjas are silent. And, come on. A pirate could beat the crap out of any ninja. The ninja’d be closing in with his iron fist of doom and the death pirate would turn around and shoot him. I’m going with the death pirate on this question. Net: Kinda like in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Anyone who disagrees, you have a right to your wrong opinion. Net: Spoken like a true Minnesotan.