Presents for your Sitcom Moms and Drama Mamas

Mother’s Day is coming up fast! Ease the stress by thinking about it in TV terms.

by Sarah Harper

Mother’s Day is one of those tricky holidays that isn’t on the same date every year. It falls on the second Sunday of May. That means that this year, it’s on May 13. That means that you have 12 days to get ready to show your mom, or the mom-like woman in your life, how much she means to you. And what better way to do that than with a good old-fashioned homemade gift?

Too many sons and daughters in this world believe that when it comes to Mother’s Day presents, one size fits all. To them I say, “You’re wrong. You’re so wrong.”

Different D.I.Y. gifts suit different mothers, depending on that mother’s specific interests and tastes. Identify which of these sit-com moms and mamas from dramas most closely resembles your own, and make your present based on that.

Betty Draper

“Mad Men”

Your mom is kind of like June Cleaver, but she’s way scarier and sadder and has much better outfits.

Make her a jewelry box in which to keep her pearl necklaces and diamond rings. Cover a tiny art supply box in velvet and bedazzle it.

Nancy Botwin


Your mom does whatever it takes to support you and your siblings, even if that means taking it to the cul-de-sac streets. And Mexico.

Make her brownies. She deserves a little sugar for all her hard work

Clair Huxtable

“The Cosby Show”

Your mom is fun like Elle Woods and fair like Jack McCoy.

Make her a card that lays out the evidence of why you love her and what you love her for. Exhibit A: Theo.

Jessica Brody


Your mom thinks she’s married to a war hero, but she actually might be married to a terrorist.

Make her a video. Be an amateur cinematographer and follow your family members around for a while. Splice it all together on iMovie and call it a (Mother’s) day.

Jan Levinson

“The Office”

Your mom is going through something mentally and loves “Son of a Preacher Man.”

Make her homemade candles. Harvest bees, melt the wax, stick a wick in it. Right? You’ve got 12 days. Get moving!

Becky Katsopolis

“Full House”

First of all, I’d like to say word to your mother for having a total stud for a husband.

Make your mom a musical instrument so she can jam with her own personal Uncle Jesse. Or make her a wind chime so she can always be jamming. Fasten strings to a slim rectangle of wood. Tie metal dowels to those strings. Put it out in the wind and wait for John Stamos to come running. Have mercy!