The importance of sexual education for students


Thank you so much for posting the April 30 article titled “Boynton to examine international student sexual concerns.” I think it is so important for people to be aware of some of the cultural differences at our school. I find it sad that many students are becoming pregnant because they are unaware or have had a lack of sexual education in the past. I think it is also great that they are making a huge point of looking into this subject and seeing what kind of education the international students have received in the past — if any. My hope, though, is that more articles like this one are published,  focusing not only on international students but also focusing on student sexual health as a whole. I think so many students are unaware or misinformed about sex. There is so much unsafe sex happening, and this article teaches us about condoms, birth control and how to practice safe sex with our partners. In addition, I hope that students will be willing to talk about what happens when safe sex does not happen. Although it might be hard, I think students need to be aware of what can happen and how their life could change very drastically.